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First day in Tokyo

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First day in Tokyo 43

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Asakusa Senso-Ji

After a relaxing first night, I met some cool dudes from different parts of the world. That day, I talked with one of them named Alex and he was planning to go to Asakusa’s temple Sensoji and then to the Tokyo Skytree.

Our guesthouse was about 15 mns by walk from the Senso-ji Temple so we went by foot. It was great walking in the streets of Tokyo by day (When I arrived the day before it was already dark). Taking a shortcut behind the temple I had my first view of the Skytree waiting for us to visit him and an amazing statue of a samurai in fighting position.

First day in Tokyo 44

First day in Tokyo 45

Here we are at the temple of Asakusa! It was around 4pm and since it was during the week it was not crowded at all. We first took a look around and start pulling out out phones for some pictures. The sky was grey it was not the best moment for a good light exposure but that’s not the problem we took better pictures with our eyes.

First day in Tokyo 46

First day in Tokyo 47

First day in Tokyo 48

After walking around the temple we took our way to the Skytree. Before crossing the bridge we had to take some pictures of the Asahi Beer Hall.

First day in Tokyo 49

I will be honest with you, I had no idea that it was a beer until one of my friend (Thank you Noriko) told me about it. If you know a little about Japan then you know that Japan has a deep love for cats so of course we met some cute cats on the way, well kinda.

First day in Tokyo 50

Ushijima Shrine

One of the amazing things about Japan is all these gardens ,temples and shrines in the middle of all these huge buildings. Alex and I took a little street after walking through the Sumida Park and came face to face with Ushijima Shrine. Nobody was there so we took some pictures, walk around the shrine before heading to the Skytree.

First day in Tokyo 51

First day in Tokyo 52

First day in Tokyo 53


Tokyo Skytree

I will be honest with you, I didn’t want to go the Skytree because I heard that they were free spots where you can have a great view of Tokyo. The thing is that when you are visiting a country that you have been waiting for so long to visit, why limit yourself? The fees were high (¥2000 / at the moment of this blog around 18$ / 15€) and I think it was the highest fees entries I paid during my trip but let’s be honest the view was great. Maybe I should have gone at night to get a nightview, maybe next time. Oh wait! Did I tell you that I hate heights? Yeah I am part of them.

I will share few pictures with you because I didn’t take a lot (It is better to see with your own eyes) and unfortunately the sky was a little bit clouded so we didn’t get a chance to see Mt Fuji.

First day in Tokyo 54
First day in Tokyo 55


After enjoying the time at the Skytree we returned to our guesthouse before hitting a sushi restaurant at night, let me share few pictures with you.

First day in Tokyo 56

First day in Tokyo 57


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